Rating. Hiroshima.

These are dangerous times we live in. Crowdstrike.

Stock sells for 23 times revenue, not earnings, I said revenue.

Nobody in the free world(professionals) has any idea when the company will make money.

Crowdstrike is a home grown Ukraine intelligence company. Don’t let silicone valley fool you.

Silicon valley institutions have 20 Million shares ready for sale. 8 million of those became free trading on Monday.

They attempted with Googles upper management who are all now retired to clean all of the Clinton Emails.

Submitted a falsified report to congress that they inspected the DNC server. Claims it was a hack from Russia that broke into the server when it was really Seth Rich.

Lied to congress. (So did Hoffa)

Who knows what else they are responsible for. Ask yourself a rational question. Where do you think the stock should trading?

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