Cygnus position is that Peloton is a potential avalanche.

Reasons Why?

In their S1 they claimed that 2019 top line revenue estimates are 915 Million. They came in at 202 Million ending Q3 2019. Lets see if they can do nearly 700 Million in Q4 2019 and Santa comes early.

What Peloton projected to do in their S1 as compared to actual numbers is a potential avalanche.

Peloton S1 Filing.

End of Q3 Revenue 202 Million.

Lost 50 Million in Q3

We have zero clue when this company will actually be profitable.

Company has a 8.8 Billion Dollar Market Cap.

Recently launched a $12.99 App that competes with their top line $2,800 Bike.(What genius came up with this idea.)

243 Million shares are coming off restriction March 1st 2020.

Peloton costs 6 Times more than its competitors.

Pelotons EV is 2,286% more than there Peer Average.

40 Million share float is already 70% short.

Target price. A lot lower.

Our Disclaimer. We in no way shape or form telling anyone to buy or sell anything. What we do is call bullshit where we see it.

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