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Go to www.cygnuss.com to see the worlds first complete stand-alone software enterprise solution(SAAS) the digital super wealth adviser the system trades 125 assets 24/6 through the use automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence across a full macro strategy. The algorithm trades fifty indices and commodities futures and seventy-five FX crosses. The program aims for the […]

Top 15 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Companies

These top Robotic Process Automation (RPA) companies are leading the sector in creating robotic automations that drive business effici RPA (robotic process automation) is software automation technology that is programmable by users to accomplish business tasks. It enables users to create intelligent software bots that accomplish a wide array of workplace tasks – from adding […]

Robots Are Coming for These Wall Street Jobs|

Traders, prepare to adapt. Wall Street is entering a new era. The fraternity of bond jockeys, derivatives mavens and stock pickers who’ve long personified the industry are giving way to algorithms, and soon, artificial intelligence. Banks and investment funds have been tinkering for years, prompting anxiety for employees. Now, firms are rolling out machine-learning software […]

Blue Prism to issue $130M in stock to raise new funds

Just this morning, robotic process automation (RPA) firm Blue Prism announced enhancements to its platform. A little later, the company, which went public on the London Stock Exchange in 2016, announced it was raising £100 million (approximately $130 million) by issuing new stock. The announcement comes after reporting significant losses in its most recent fiscal […]

San Jose automation unicorn catapults to $6.8B valuation with Salesforce-led funding

Automation Anywhere, a San Jose-based company that makes automation software, said Thursday that it has raised $290 million in Series B funding at a valuation of $6.8 billion. The latest investment — just a year and a half after the San Jose-based company raised its first-ever venture round — turns Automation Anywhere into one of Silicon Valley’s […]

Robots Are Solving Banks’ Very Expensive Research Problem

As lawmakers in Brasilia debated a controversial pension overhaul for months, a robot more than 5,000 miles away in London kept a close eye on all 513 of them. The algorithm, designed by technology startup Arkera Inc., tracked their comments in Brazilian newspapers and government web pages each day to predict the likelihood the bill […]

Robots Are Taking Over Human Jobs on Wall Street

STEPHEN HAWKING WARNS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ‘MAY REPLACE HUMANS’ “If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that improves and replicates itself. This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans.” The rise of Machines and AI  is Fast Approaching The rise of the machines was always going to come at a cost, as […]

BNP Paribas gives FX algos a voice with launch of ‘ALiX’ digital trading assistant

BNP Paribas takes a leaf out of Silicon Valley’s book with a Siri-style digital trading assistant, which is launching alongside real-time market analytics and interactive algorithms as part of major upgrade to the bank’s Cortex FX trading platform. BNP Paribas has unveiled its newly revamped FX algorithmic trading platform following a major upgrade, which includes […]